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It all began with a simple Counter-Strike: Condition Zero "Custom RuneMod" server located in Chicago.
And now, Thanks to "-={U.S.P}=- Can't Shoot" and the request of other -={U.S.P}=- Members we have expanded and continue to grow!

1. -={U.S.P}=- Elite Rune~Mod Fun! (CZ) IP:
2. -={U.S.P}=- Can't Shoot's Gun~Game! (CZ) IP:

3. -={U.S.P}=- Doctros's Death~Match! (CZ) IP:

4. -={U.S.P}=- Dom's Global Offensive! (GO) IP:

5. -={U.S.P}=- Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D-2) IP:
6. -={U.S.P}=- Insurgency (INS) IP:

7. -={U.S.P}=- (No Decay/Wipe) - (Noob/Friendly) Rust Server (RST) IP:

-={U.S.P}=- Elite Rune~Mod Server
-={U.S.P}=- Can't Shoot's Gun~Game Server
-={U.S.P}=- Doctros's Death~Match Server
-={U.S.P}=- Dom's Counter-Strike Global Offensive

-={U.S.P}=- Left 4 Dead 2

-={U.S.P}=- Insurgency (team kickass)

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